I am a mother and day care provider for over 30 years. I also was brought up by parents who provided day care and foster care for 20 years. So caring for other peoples children, and seeing my mom caring for other peoples children, I just could not find the right person to care for my three children.

​Therefore, I have decided to open a day care and care for my children, other children, and now my grandchildren, for parents who are faced with the same situation. For just about the same price of a babysitter and less than a day care center. Your child will get the best care any child will dream to have. At the same time will reap the benefits of a certified professional. Who will teach an early childhood education that only an excellent day care can offer. 

My day care is NYS registered and insured. Trained in the following : Infant safety, SIDS, understanding children, ADHD, Child abuse prevention, child development, discipline, nutrition, and spacial intelligence, health and safety, creating schedules and routines, and a course on caring for children in your home and many more. I am CPR and first aid certified. Your child will be offered free nutritious lunch and snack. We also have a large backyard play area with 6 foot fence surrounding the property.